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Since 2019, I have been providing commercial voiceovers for video games, commercials, educational presentations, phone systems, and e-learning material.  I also work on proofing, editing, and mastering audiobooks and voice narration for many talented narrators. My husband Scott and I founded Scott Ellis Reads and now are so excited to launch the Scott Ellis Reads Classroom.




My name is Jade and I grew up in The Berkshires, where I have known Josie and Scott for many years. After finishing high school, I moved to Europe to become an English teacher where I now live full time and plan to stay! Since 2019, the Scott Ellis Reads team has taught me more than I could imagine about editing audiobooks. I truly have found enjoyment in this process and I spend many hours a week listening to amazing books by many different authors; listening with my most careful ear to ensure we get the best sounding audio back to these dedicated authors.


Becky Jo
Hello, I am Becky Jo! I recently delved into the large pool of narration and voiceover auditions in the summer of 2020 after missing a life of live acting during quarantine. Audiobook narration marries two of the things I love most in life: reading and performing. I hope to bring characters to life through fiction works and convey vital information in the best way possible through nonfiction pieces.